Monday, 1 August 2011

Today I was creative again!

I felt the urge to be creative again today so thought I'd whip up a taggy blanket for my niecey (who is exactly 5 months older than my littlest!)

Has turned out okay, if not a tad on the small size! Think I may have to increase my pattern size (or add extra seam allowances!!!)

Anyway heres a quick look at the finished item!

A few pictures....

As promised here are the pictures of the comforter/tag blanket I made for Megan...

From this pattern....

To this cute owly creation...

A sneaky peek at how I found my girlies when I'd finished creating!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Been a busy weekend...

Havent gotten around to posting pictures yet of the comforter I made for Meg yet, but I am very pleased with how it turned out I must say! Not a disaster in sight! (For once!)

Have decided to try my hand at crochet, among the other crafts I like to do, and have to admit I'm not very good! I can't get my head around how to start the next row once you've done the first! If you have any suggestions or know of any good vids I can watch, please feel free to tell me! I think I'll need a lot of help!

Tomorrow I intend to get some crafting done...Have a patchwork blanket and a fleece blanket to finish for my lovely little niecey. Also wanted to get a birdy taggy-style blanket made for her too, ready to give to her when she & her mummy & big brother come to visit in a few weeks. Also I quite like the idea of making up a few more taggy blankets to put on ebay/etsy and see if they sell, a little extra always comes in handy!

Am signing off for tonight, both girlies are asleep, worn out from our afternoon on the seafront and watching the Birdman Festival 2011, so gonna enjoy some peace & quiet with the husband.

Have a good evening!

Ps. I cant figure out how to reply to comments yet!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Its been a while....

But I've decided to give blogging another try, after my lacklustre attempt in February! 3 days is all I managed!

Today I've decided I'm bored of housework, far too much to get done in one day anyway so may as well do something I enjoy! Crafty things planned for today instead!

I have decided to make a comforter blankety type thing for my lovely little baby girl, and have decided the owl off one of our anniversary cards would make the ideal shape!

So thats my afternoon planned. Will post pictures later of the work in progress and also of my newly organised crafting hallway, before the mess explodes! (I was fed up of the mess in the living room, so have decided to move the mess upstairs, unfortunately the only space available is the hallway!)

Have a good afternoon!

Friday, 18 February 2011

What to do with this alphabet now?

I've just printed onto A4 card the alphabet in two lovely shades of pink and blue, chosen to match in with the colourscheme I want to do in the girls bedroom, and cut them into little squares with the pinking shears. Trouble is I don't know what to do with them now!

Here they are in all their newly createdness...

I'm wondering whether to attach them to ribbon and string it across one wall, a bit like bunting i suppose, or attach them to a backdrop of black fleece behind an old mirror frame?

As I was feeling creative and both girlies were asleep, I also cut out the fabric for initial cushions for each of them and cut the fabric out for M's cot quilt cover. Have bitten the bullet and ordered enough of the blue fabric to make A's quilt cover and pillowcase set. And will probably have enough to make some sort of cot bar covers to soften them up a little!

Well enough of all this for now, nearly dinner time and I havent eaten started on it yet!

Will I ever have any followers?

I have no followers! How sad! Kind of reminds me of when I was at school... Guess I always have been one of those loner types! So here I am typing away to myself, not much different to talking to oneself I guess and I've become pretty competent at that!

Anyway what will I be doing today? Was hoping to achieve some sort of creativeness but I'm not sure I'm in the mood. A is already being a pain and has been since she woke up at 6.30 this morning. Might bake a cake or some cupcakes if I feel like it later. Maybe when the girls are napping I might feel more inclined to be a little creative.

I'm still in two minds whether to make duvet sets for their room or just buy ready made and make them fit? Trouble is I have some lovely butterfly fabric that goes lovely with the name plaque DH and I made (well he cut out the letters and I finished it) and I cant find any duvet sets that might match. Hmmmm. Decisions decisions.

Anyway best get on with the housework and getting some lunch on.

All the best for now my non-existent readers!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

What on earth should I be writing?

I've been looking at articles on how to write a good blog, but to be honest I havent actually retained much of the information! So I guess I'm gonna use this as a kind of diary really. I dont really have anyone that I can just babble away to, I'm not a real diary/journal keeping kind of person, I've tried in the past and have failed miserably! I have a five year diary that I started circa 2005 and it still isnt half full! Does that show I have done nothing to write about or just that I forget to actually fill in what I have done???

Anyway am off to start the housework before my lovely husband comes home and wonders what I have actually done all day!

As for next time I intend to get around to starting on one or two of my crafty projects for my girls bedroom and may just post some pictures of my adventure along the way!

All new to this blogging business!

Well hello and welcome to my very first blog post, indeed my very first blog! ...Bear with me as I have absolutely no idea what I may end up writing and I guess as this is just a blog of my random thoughts then I suppose thats okay!

A little about me first...I'm married (very happily I add) with two very beautiful little girls, Amelia 21 months and Megan nearly 7 months... We live on the beautiful North Devon coast, literally a few minutes walk to the beach, one of my childhood dreams has been fulfilled living that close to the sea! Although it is a little too breezy to spend too much time down there at the moment! Roll on summer!

I like to think of myself as a creative person, however my attempts at being creative tend to end up pretty much disasters because I am in fact too lazy to complete the job properly! I have a sewing machine, tons of fabric, knitting needles/yarn and all manner of arts & crafty bits, yet can never get myself around to actually finishing one thing! I'm hoping that by documenting what I intend to do that I may actually do something right & properly!

Anyway am off out for lunch soon with some other young mums & babies so best get a move on...

Be back sometime soon to continue....