Thursday, 28 July 2011

Its been a while....

But I've decided to give blogging another try, after my lacklustre attempt in February! 3 days is all I managed!

Today I've decided I'm bored of housework, far too much to get done in one day anyway so may as well do something I enjoy! Crafty things planned for today instead!

I have decided to make a comforter blankety type thing for my lovely little baby girl, and have decided the owl off one of our anniversary cards would make the ideal shape!

So thats my afternoon planned. Will post pictures later of the work in progress and also of my newly organised crafting hallway, before the mess explodes! (I was fed up of the mess in the living room, so have decided to move the mess upstairs, unfortunately the only space available is the hallway!)

Have a good afternoon!

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