Sunday, 31 July 2011

Been a busy weekend...

Havent gotten around to posting pictures yet of the comforter I made for Meg yet, but I am very pleased with how it turned out I must say! Not a disaster in sight! (For once!)

Have decided to try my hand at crochet, among the other crafts I like to do, and have to admit I'm not very good! I can't get my head around how to start the next row once you've done the first! If you have any suggestions or know of any good vids I can watch, please feel free to tell me! I think I'll need a lot of help!

Tomorrow I intend to get some crafting done...Have a patchwork blanket and a fleece blanket to finish for my lovely little niecey. Also wanted to get a birdy taggy-style blanket made for her too, ready to give to her when she & her mummy & big brother come to visit in a few weeks. Also I quite like the idea of making up a few more taggy blankets to put on ebay/etsy and see if they sell, a little extra always comes in handy!

Am signing off for tonight, both girlies are asleep, worn out from our afternoon on the seafront and watching the Birdman Festival 2011, so gonna enjoy some peace & quiet with the husband.

Have a good evening!

Ps. I cant figure out how to reply to comments yet!

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